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“I worked with Leonie for a number of years in her previous role as Associate Director and Senior Lawyer within the Macquarie Group Legal team. Since establishing LAWyal, Macquarie has continued to engage Leonie and her team on a wide range of matters, primarily focusing on consumer credit law and regulation. In my view she is one of Australia’s leading practitioners in the area of consumer credit and its regulation, and it is rare to find such skill sets outside of the major firms (and without the price tag). The primary advantage of LAWyal for me is the flexibility of services they can offer – I refer individual questions; they coordinate larger projects including managing the external firm relationships; and they staff the servicing and operations legal help desks during peak periods or when my internal lawyers are on leave. LAWyal enable us to variabilise our cost base and help us through peak periods whilst engaging with the businesses at a granular level, something that a larger law firm would not be able to do, and certainly not at a competitive price.” 

Bevan Richardson – Division Director and Lawyer, Macquarie Group


"I have known and worked with Leonie Chapman since 2007. First as a Divisional Director at Macquarie Bank as Head of Sales and Origination Macquarie Mortgages, later as the CEO of Vow Financial and Chair of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia. In each of these roles I have often had to rely on Leonie’s knowledge and expert advice on components of the laws that govern the Banking and Finance Industry. As CEO of Vow we had a number of lender agreements for aggregation that often required changes to protect our business from all encompassing clauses that had disastrous consequences for our business if not changed. Not only has she been able to give me advice in Banking and a Finance matters, but when it wasn't her area of expertise she would refer me to a competent specialist lawyer. I had two Industrial Relation matters concerning staff where Leonie was able assist with while still managing the relationship. I have also referred clients to Leonie because of LAWYAL’s overall service proposition, which is so much more than just giving advice. I have no problems in recommending LAWYAL Solicitors to any firm or business that requires expert advice in Banking and Finance Matters."   

Tim Brown, Director of Vow Financial and President of Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)


“I have previously worked with Leonie Chapman in her role as Corporate Counsel for Bluestone Group many years ago, so it was an easy and obvious decision to engage her and the LAWYAL team to act as Bluestone's ongoing outsourced in-house counsel. Her depth of knowledge about the Bluestone business and expertise on the laws that govern a securitised specialist lender means that we now very rarely need to engage the services of traditional firms. This has significantly reduced our expenditure on legal services. We always receive solid commercial advice and, thanks to LAWYAL, a complete review and update of Bluestone's compliance and risk management framework has been finalised, all within the scope of the in-house role and while managing our daily legal needs.”

Peter Wood, Chief Operating Officer – Asia Pacific, Bluestone Group Pty Ltd

"We have engaged Leonie and her team at LAWYAL Solicitors as our outsourced in-house lawyers to help manage some of RESIMAC's ongoing litigation. Each month, Leonie and her senior legal consultants continue to provide us with expert and commercially savvy banking and finance legal support with a friendly hands-on approach. By managing and driving each litigation matter and the acting external lawyers efficiently, Leonie has not only eliminated my need to hire a permanent in-house counsel at high fixed cost, but has reduced my day-to-day involvement in some of the complex litigation matters, freeing me up to focus on other pressing management and project matters. I can highly recommend LAWYAL to other lenders or financial institutions looking for friendly, hands-on and professional legal support, without the expense and process of hiring permanent in-house counsel and to reduce the need for engaging expensive top tier firms."

Paul Ma, Director Asset Management, RESIMAC Limited


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the LAWYAL team for your outstanding efforts over the past year. Your knowledge, expertise and commitment to service has proven to be invaluable to both myself and our organisation. No question or issue I ever present you appears too great, too small or to come at an inappropriate time for you. You’re always available to me and for this I am continually grateful. I look forward to sharing next year with you with many more years to follow.”

Simon Bozzi, General Manager, Birchgrove Finance


“I highly recommend LAWYAL Solicitors to other businesses who need affordable, fast and quality legal advice online. Before coming across LAWYAL, I often took on legal matters like contract reviews and disputes myself due to the process, cost and hassle associated with engaging traditional or large law firms. This came at great risk to my business and drained essential resources that were better spent driving our business forward. Leonie and her team at LAWYAL now provide Genii with regular, fast, accurate and commercial online legal advice with a more hands-on approach and a genuine care for our business.”

Marcus Smith, Director and CEO, Genii Pty Ltd


“We had been searching for a law firm to handle our company account for nearly 2 years. We are a regionally based company, so driving to city offices over 100kms away caused its own problems. We researched over 50 different firms around the country willing to look after us, and all claiming to be online. They all lacked the 21st century approach to communicating with a client we were looking for.  We then came across LAWYAL Solicitors, a virtual law firm based in Sydney which was able to provide us not only a very unique portal to submit documents, contracts etc., but also provide us an outsourced in-house legal counsel.  With this innovative approach to looking after their clients, Leonie and her team have been able to provide us with resources we never thought possible. LAWYAL Solicitors has proven themselves invaluable to my company time and time again, they were instrumental in us being able to complete a national contract with a global firm inside of 6 weeks from concept to launch. Being able to upload paperwork within a secure portal while on the move is just one of the reasons I highly recommend Leonie and her team at LAWYAL Solicitors.”

Michael Carter, Managing Director, RTWExperts Pty Ltd - AU / RSA / UK

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